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Thinking of a new set of anti-fluffy reality affirmation cards (copyright) – the perfect Christmas gift.  Any further suggestions gratefully received:

  • Life is unfair
  • No matter how many times you say “I am beautiful” into the mirror you will not look like Angelina or Brad.
  • Archangel Michael has better sh*t to do, sort your own life out.
  • Saying “I am a magnet for money” into the mirror will not make you rich – go and get a job.
  • You are responsible for yourself.
  • If “manifesting by positive thoughts” works why aren’t we all rich, thin and beautiful?
  • The only person you can rely on 100% is you.
  • The Universe owes you nothing.
  • When you ask for help people are entitled to say “no”.
  • No one else is duty bound to help you even if you ask them to.
  • Acting helpless will only manipulate people for so long, then they will disappear as if by magic.
  • There are plenty of more deserving cases out there.
  • You are not the centre of anyone’s universe except your own.
  • Your problems are called your problems because they ARE YOURS!  Deal with it.
  • Whining like a bitch only works when you are 3.
  • How will you trade on your looks/cleavage when you are 80?
  • No one has to bail you out when you lunch it out.
  • You’re right – nobody does give a toss.

and finally….

  • Being a nice person does not guarantee anything – mostly Karma screws up.