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Stole this from a friend on Facebook.  Always glad to do my little bit to help out in an apocalypse situation.

2012 apocalypseTo anyone who thinks the world is ending next week or the week after: I will gladly take possession of any valuables that you don’t want falling into the hands of the undead, or looters, or aliens, or reptile people. If your big- screen tv won’t fit in your bunker, or garage, or basement, or wherever you plan to outlive the majority of our species, I will hold it for you, until such time that civilization has rebuilt itself. That way you will definitely have the means to watch the post-apocalyptic version of Honey Boo-Boo.

The same goes for watches, cars, and any homes you may be abandoning for higher ground. I’m here to help, people. Let’s stop procrastinating. Share if you are concerned about anyone else (on fb) who may need to lighten the load of soon-to-be worthless things, like cash and car titles. I accept all things that are worth at least £200 (pre-apocalypse value). I wish you all the best of luck in the trying times ahead.♥

Author: Cara Dack