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This week I have been working a lot and it has been really busy in the run up to Christmas.  So yesterday I grabbed a book I had set aside for my step son.  It’s pretty cool and has lots of little envelopes containing wooden models of the dragons featured in the book that you can put together and keep.

Anyway, the book is on the counter as I have just purchased it and I am about to put it in a bag when this guy comes over and starts looking at it.

Man:  This is a great book.

Me:  Yes, but sorry, it is already sold, I just bought it as a Christmas present for my step son.  I am afraid we don’t have any more of these in stock.

Man (still looking at book):  That’s OK, I don’t want to buy it it just looks cool.  What’s in the little envelopes?

I explain.  He proceeds to prise open one of the sealed envelopes.

Me: Umm, can you not do that, you are breaking the seal.

Man:  I want to look at the book.

Me:  The book is a gift so I would prefer it if you didn’t damage the seals.

WHAT is WRONG with people?  If I had bought a box of chocolates would he have opened the damn thing and tasted one?