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There’s a bit of a back story which I won’t bore you with, suffice it to say this person became aware that I was originally from the Isle of Wight and the following conversation followed:

Woman:  Oh…you are from the Isle of Wight? (excited face)

Me:  Yes, originally.

Woman:  David Icke is from there.

Me: Yes I know, I met him a couple of times.

Woman:  OMG!! What’s he like? (VERY excited now)

Me:  Dunno really, he was OK I guess, but this was a long  time ago, before he went insane.

Woman:  He isn’t insane…he got SANE!  Do you really think he is mad?

Me:  Some of what he says makes sense, but once he started wearing turquoise tracksuits and saying he was the Son of God and then moved on to shape shifting lizard aliens…well, yeah, I think that was when he lost the plot.

Woman:  You are wrong…I actually SAW someone Shapeshift into a lizard myself.

Me:  Oh. Kaaaaaay.