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Man picks up a book about a 1930s/40s era magician from the table. (Think sleight of hand, rabbits, hats etc rather than your Crowley type magician) and says to wife: Wow! I must buy this book, this guy was an total genius!

Wife (looking slightly unimpressed):  Really, what did he do?

Man:  He was amazingly talented, he even managed to hide the entire city of Coventry from the Nazis during the war.

Pregnant pause.  During which time wife and I exchange glances. The wife shuffles and giggles a little nervously.

Coventry during the Blitz

Man (to me):  Don’t you think that is amazing?

Me:  Well….he didn’t really do a very good job, did he?

Man:  What do you mean?

Me:  Coventry was practically flattened during the war.

Man:  …. Oh well, I’ll take the book anyway as it would have probably been a lot worse without him.