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Some studies questioning the current hysteria over Bull Breeds and the relevance of Breed Specific Legislation.

No Kill Allegany County

The following is a study regarding Pit Bull breeds and why it is unnecessary to fear them. The study was done by Danielle Dunne from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA.

I would like to thank Danielle Dunne and Dr. Eileen McFall for giving me the permission to publish this study.




The Needless Fear of Pit Bull Breeds


Pit bulls are the unnecessary victims of harsh words and stereotypes. Such stereotypes have been played up in media stories creating a negative image of the breed. Due to the lack of education regarding this topic, pit bulls are widely perceived as vicious, untrustworthy companion animals. As uncalled for as it is, this fear is still prevalent among society. Breed discrimination exists throughout communities, and such discrimination further lowers the chances of a homeless pit bull finding a loving family. The breed should not be feared…

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