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More humourous moments from a dire situation.  After my brother’s death I had to ring various financial institutions.  Some were utterly fantastic.  These weren’t:


Bank:  Hello Bereavement Team.
Me: Good morning, I need to talk to you regarding one of your customers
Bank: What seems to be the problem?
Me: He died.
Bank: Oh…
Me: This IS the bereavement team?
Bank: Yes, sorry about that.

Me: Hello, I am ringing because you keep texting my brother’s phone about a payment not received?
Debt collector: Yes
Me: He died
Debt collector: So why was the payment not received?
Me: Um…he died.

Me: Hello can you put me through to your bereavement team.  *transfers me over*
Debt Collectors: Good morning, Bereavement Support.
Me: Hi, I am ringing in regard to my brother’s account, I am afraid he passed away on the 4th April.
Debt Collectors: Is he available to authorise us to discuss the account with you?
Me: Um…no.
Debt Collectors: Oh well we can’t discuss it with you then.
Me: Well he is actually dead.
Debt collectors: …