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My brother sadly passed away on 4th April 2013 aged 59, but as with any awful situation there is humour to be found.  So I thought I would share this amusing interraction that took place between my sister and the local dry cleaning company when she took his suit in to be cleaned:

Sis: I need this suit dry cleaned rather urgently, it is for a funeral.
DC: OK, come back tomorrow.
Sis on her return: Hi, come to collect the suit?
DC: Nice suit very smart.
Sis: It’s my brother’s suit, it’s his funeral next week and I have to get it to the undertaker.
DC: But this is a Versace suit!!!
Sis: Yes I know
DC: (Looks horrified) You’re surely not putting a Versace suit in the ground?!!
Sis: Of course, my brother would never be seen in anything less than Versace.
DC: …