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Man to me:  All these books, like on vampires and stuff it’s all in their mind.

Me:  hmmm…

Man: and all this overseas aid is a waste of time, you can’t send animals out to them people they just drink their blood and stuff, cos they are all mad.

Me:  Don’t you think it might be because they are starving?

Man: I blame all these religious nutters like Abdul Handso (sic)!

Me:  Hmmm….

Man: All these mosques, they should shut them all down,  they teach them violence cos they don’t speak our language!  They teach them all to be terrorists!

Me:  So you would also shut Sinagogues then?

Man:  No, why would I do that?

Me:  they dont speak our language, they could be telling them anything in Hebrew.  There are plenty of Israeli terrorists out there, many of them are jews, who go to synagogues.  Where they don’t speak our language…That is the logic of your argument.

Man:  No, no it’s not!

Me:  It is – the IRA for example, all Catholics, do you think they used churches to plan their bombing campaigns.  Or the protestant equivalent.  Did they use their churches to plan bombings?

Man:  Um, well no.

Me:  So your logic is flawed….

Man:  Umm….