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I have started to translate the Somerset gibberish broadcasted by my noisy (or possibly hard of hearing) neighbour.  These must be shouted as loudly as possible in order to someone to understand you properly, preferably at 7.30am or earlier if you can manage it.  I am still working on the grunts that intersperse these comments, as you can image they are a lot more difficult to decipher.

  • Aaaaarn!  Morning!
  • I’m aaaaarf, gwoan te ‘urk!    I’m going to work.
  • See ur’aaatuz!  See you later
  • ‘e Gwoan te ‘urk?  Are you going to work?
  • Ees gud eean ee?  That’s good isn’t it.
  • Wazzaaaat err than?  What is that thing there?
  • Doan a gaaardun!  Mowing the lawn
  • Shudderrr dur! Shut the door!
  • Geddaarf me graaaz!  Keep off my lawn
  • ‘e aarnt raaaadun ‘at!!  You aren’t riding my bicycle
  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeere, ‘e erd o’ thus?  Have you heard about this?
  • Gattun kaaar!  Get in the car!
  • ‘E doan aaaase!?  Are you decorating the house?
  • ‘E sellun aaaase!?  Are you selling your house?  (I wonder why on earth his next door neighbour would want to do such a thing?)
  • Yaaaaaaar.     Yes (Not quite the “Yarp” from Hot Fuzz but getting there)
  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!  Seems to be used interchangeably to hail someone, similar to “oy!” and also “get of my lawn” or “what the hell do you think you are doing?”