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I feel very strongly against censorship, in my house we will not be opting out of any sites at all. I actually don’t care if my partner watches porn! He is an adult male he can do as he pleases – and who knows, I could benefit from it in the long run 😉
Will this protect kids? Well, it will not address issues like predatory paedophiles using online forums and childrens’ websites for grooming purposes. It *might* stop them seeing disturbing images or then again, the websites might just attach themselves onto seemingly innocent ones and automatically load, as I have seen happen in the past. And most teens these days are savvy enough to get round filters.
Filters are not an effective replacement for personal responsibility. Not a very PC point of view. But there you go.

Watcher of the Dawn

If UK Prime minister David Cameron gets his way, esoteric sites such as this one will be banned in the UK.

In a move not seen since the repeal of the Witchcraft Act, Cameron wants his “porn filter” tuned to delete “esoteric interests.”

The discovery that occultism was on the list of filtered content was found using an a freedom of information request.  It is not as if David was prepared to tell people who did not look first.

It is not clear what Cameron has against the occult, maybe the thought of people dancing naked in the New Forrest brings him out in a cold sweat.   But occultists, witches and druids, can be reassured that their religion, beliefs and philosophises will be purged from the British web in order to “protect children”.

The man who cares about his own child enough to leave her in a pub because they…

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