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I posted a reblog earlier in the week about this issue, now posting this one which seems to be a lot better researched than the previous one.

Treasure in Barren Places

I am really busy, so this will have to be a quickie post – but I am working on a longer one, when I can get the information together.*

Here are the facts as I currently understand them (and I have done a fair bit of research on this, including searching for Freedom of Information requests and spending several hours trying to find reliable news articles on the subject).

1. There is currently absolutely no evidence that the UK government plans to censor ‘esoteric’ websites. Here are the facts on what’s happening. The UK government is indeed asking Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer ‘opt-out’ internet filtering. The government has not suggested any categories of websites to be filtered, except for pornography.

2. No law is being passed on this. It is a government policy that they are planning to implement through the ISPs only. It will probably be…

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