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It is what it says…

In the bookshop where I work we are currently stocking a book entitled “Yuck” about some of the more peculiar foods people eat worldwide.  It contains everything from pigs trotters, to insects on sticks to deep fried mars bars.  It is pretty yucky some of the stuff too.  Today a small boy became rather fascinated by it and was reading it out to his mother who was browsing nearby.

Each time he came to a page he read out the title:  “pigs heads”, “tripe” with gusto, eventually arriving at “Goats Testicles”.  He announced the “Goats Testicles” several times, very loudly, eventually just dropping the word “goat” completely.  A mantra commenced “testicles,testicles,testicles…” which continued for about 5 minutes.  At this point he stopped and said very loudly “Mum? What’s testicles?”

Mum, completely unphased, not even looking up from the book she was looking at replied, equally loudly, “BALLS!”

*Cue tumbleweed*