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As I am still waiting for my appeal with the Mendip District Council to be assessed, just for the hell of it I went onto a benefits calculator this morning and typed in my details, based on working 16 hours for an employer, and 20 for myself.  Here is what I should receive according to the law:

This is what I do get:

Housing Benefit = £75 Council Tax Benefit = zero

If I gave up work and signed on here is what I would get:

My point here being not that people on JSA get too much money because obviously they don’t, but that due to an administrative cock up ie, Mendip, or more accurately Capita either; employ people who cannot add, read a tax return or input data accurately into a computer, or that the system is simply not geared up to the concept of how self employed income works, we are now at the point where if this continues my business will be forced to close.  I won’t sign on, I will still be employed.  But what will happen is that my income won’t fall significantly but my housing and council tax benefits will go back to a reasonably acceptable level, commensurate with survival at least.

At present I am resisting this scenario because I have spent 2 years+ building a business that is just about turning a profit.  Albeit a small one.  I would rather be working full time than working 16 hours and sitting on my arse the rest of the week. I have explained that I may soon be forced into this situation because, frankly, we are going to go under big time if not.  Please could they hurry up?  To no avail.

With a Government who claim to support small business and/or people who work and “take responsibility for themselves” I find the level of hypocrisy (almost) unbelievable.  I really don’t know why I bother!