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Credit: Dave Simmer

Due to the fabulous weather we enjoyed for a fair bit this summer, we in Somerset are now being visited by large numbers of wasps out looking for their end of season sugar fix.  So today a gentleman entered the shop, not to buy books but in his capacity as wasp superhero.

Man:  There is a wasp in the window.

Me: … *looks quizzically at him* (Not sure what I was expected to do in response to this dramatic turn of events).

Man:  I am really concerned it can’t get out…

Me: …

Man:  How will it get out?

Me:  Well I am not going in there to get it out because it will sting me.  I suspect it will either find it’s way out on it’s own or it will die.

Man:  *crestfallen*  Oh 😦

Man proceeds to gaze into the window from the shop side under my watchful eye.  He eventually leaves obviously oblivious to the fact that the window is fast becoming a veritable wasps graveyard.

Now I am all for saving creatures – I have happily climbed into the window to rescue butterflies, dragonflies and even spiders. But unless I get danger money I draw the line at wasps.