The final instalment of the special advice from the little Christmas Magazine supplied by Wells Journal. Always keep in mind that our are a bad person if you do not follow this to the letter, and your family and friends will hate you for messing up their festivities.


December 15th “Plan for Guests.  Sort out where people are sleeping.  A token gift will make them feel welcome so fill a basket with towels, toiletries and chocolates ready for their arrival.”   Of course, we all have spare rooms for our guests to sleep in, and one can never have enough towels. Spend money.  You know it makes sense.

December 16th “Gather some festive foliage.  Deck the halls with holly, ivy and berries from the garden and enjoy the festive aromas.”  It doesn’t matter if all the berries fall off, it just means you can have extra festive fun spending the day cleaning up dog vomit, or taking your child to A&E after they have ingested all the mistletoe berries that have started to fall off because you brought it inside too early.

December 17th “Make a wreath.  If you are using perishable materials it’s best to wait until now. ” If you are really skilful this will double up for the dog’s funeral after the mistletoe berry episode.  Nothing says Christmas like a nice wreath.

December 18th “Get wrapping.  Avoid the last minute rush by wrapping your presents now”.  After all the crap you have purchased over the last few weeks this will only use up about 6 hours of your life you will never get back.

December 19th “Make some mulled wine.” You probably really need a drink by now.  Sadly heating the wine boils off most of the alcohol so you might not want to bother and just swig it straight from the bottle so you are good and drunk before all your pesky guests arrive.

December 20th “Send first class Christmas Cards.  This is your final chance to post first class in the UK for arrival by Christmas Day”.  Remember those hideous cards you made back at the beginning of the month?  Iit would be a social faux pas of the highest order if you were to deprive your friends of these.  Support your local post office.

December 21st “Final Check.  Make a check list for the big day, ensuring you have all the table linen sorted, the knives are sharpened and there are enough chairs for everyone.”  Run around like a headless chicken, unless one can get the housemaid to sort this out, getting yourself into a real state about this is practicall