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Only 5 days since my last post in which I explained how frustrating it is to be constantly interrupted when working from home, nothing has actually changed and I suddenly realised today that over the last couple of weeks I have woken up, not with the thought of how much I can achieve today, but rather how much I will be prevented from achieving.  I am literally wound up like a tightly coiled spring waiting for the next phone call with some peurile request.  This is not good, and it is also preventing me from working.  Eg, I am now ranting about it on here rather than getting on with stuff.

YOUR problems” are called that for a reason, ie they are not MY problems.

I know this makes me sound like a heartless, uncaring, twunt.  I’m not, I just need to be able to plan my time: I am always happy to arrange to meet, I’m happy to chat on the phone after about 9pm when I’ve stopped working and if I can I will be there for you in an emergency.  By this I mean:  floods, famine, pestilence, death:  someone dying/injured, needing to go into hospital or be collected afterwards, standing on a ledge thinking about throwing yourself off, in other words things that fall under the general heading of “Really Bad Shit!”  Things that do not fall into my definition of “really bad shit” include:

  • “my partner really upset me this morning”
  • “My laptop won’t work”


  • (and please god let it be true!) “My mobile phone has packed up”

I can’t help with these things, and actually I’m really sorry about your inconvenience but it is not really “my problem”.  Try going out for while and forgetting the slight caused by your partner, try googling or phoning someone who can actually repair a laptop, and look for a new mobile.  These are not major league unsolvable problems ffs, especially when you consider that half the world is more concerned about getting food in their bellies this morning rather than being offended by a chance remark on Facebook.  And if that has happened today I actually don’t care – so unless you are going to be the first person in history to die of being offended don’t phone me WHILE I AM BLOODY WORKING!!!

You are a grown adult, and perfectly capable of sorting out minor problems all by yourself.

Now that’s said, I’m off back to work.