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I’ve always wondered why people hold long term grudges but never seem to either be able to let it go, act on it and forget it, or go for the long haul without getting burnt up by it.  Maybe I am genetically fortunate in that my Italian genes not only allow me to hold on to grudges for decades, but enable me to do so without getting all het up over it, or ending up with an ulcer, and yet be able to take spectacular revenge completely undetected much much later.  At which point I smile smugly into a large glass of red and strike their name from my Game of Thrones style vengeance list.

Acting immediately, or even within a few months of the offence is just a complete no-no.  Recognise that if you do not only will everyone know it was you, but the person that you considered gave offence will look like a victim.  They get to smell of roses….you like the proverbial.

Be aware that unless you are extremely intelligent, your attempts to conceal the fact that you have just taken what looks to everyone else like a pathetic form of revenge, will just make you look mentally unstable.

If you can’t help yourself, at least try to avoid the  sustained revenge campaign.  No matter how convoluted you think it appears to other people, they will know, and you will look even more mentally ill than you are no doubt making yourself by constantly thinking up new ‘devious’ ways of tormenting your victim.

My top tips:

Store the offence in your back vault somewhere and wait……

….then wait some more…….

….wait…..wait….wait….a long,long, looooooooong time!  We are talking potential decades here.

At the point when everyone has forgotten everything ever.  Then strike!  Strike once, strike hard, strike big and get out the popcorn.

Revenge really is a dish best eaten cold.  If you haven’t got that in you…just let it go.