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Day 12 (Thursday)

I got some good news this morning from work – I do get some SSP so at least we can worry less about the financial side of things.

The dizziness felt a bit better this morning but seemed to worsen towards early afternoon. This was a bit of a blow.

I got a link to a website from my Osteopath today giving me information about a half somersault manoeuvre that you can use to self treat BPPV so I have that a try. It made me more dizzy initially. The Dr on the video said it may take up to 15 minutes to feel better, and that more than one treatment is needed, so I sat nice and still for 15 minutes to see how I felt after that. It had no effect.

Had a visit from a friend today which was lovely – she took me out for a walk with the dog and then we had cake and put the world to rights. Tea and cake – food of the gods.

Cooked dinner and felt a little less dizzy, will try the somersault manoeuvre thing again tomorrow and see how it goes.

Day 13 (Friday)

I’ve noticed that the vertigo seems to be worse on waking and ease off over the course of the day. I googled this to find out if this was actually part of the whole thing only to find that it affects different people in different ways. Some feel worse on waking, some worsen over the day. So I guess this is just how it manifests in me as an individual.

Noticing a lot of ‘cracks’ in my ear, which on Googling, I discovered is my Eustachian tube opening up. Obviously the ear is not blocked then! Last night one was so loud my husband, who was sat on the sofa next to the opposite ear, heard it go!

Managed another walk with the dog, this time husband came with, I noticed that when stationary my distance vision was improved. I could look around the area without getting dizzy although there seemed to be about a 1 second gap where the landscape caught up to where my eyes were which was interesting. I’ve been trying to go a little further each day even if it is only another 100 yards. I do find that little extra is always the hardest work.

Feeling very frustrated at how long it is taking to do anything. Even get my coat off the peg and putting it on is a major expedition. I think this is worse because apart from feeling dizzy I do not actually feel unwell, so when I am sat down I want to get up and do things, then when I do the world starts wobbling around. I just want to get back to work!!

I committed myself to trying the half somersault manoeuvre 3 times today to see if that actually shifts anything. It is definitely worse if I turn to the right and that is the ear that is still ringing.

First half somersault – no effect.

Second half somersault – no effect.

Third half somersault – no effect.

Pretty disheartened by this.

I think overall the ‘on a boat’ feeling is slightly worse today. I had to have a nap this afternoon and I haven’t had to do that for a while. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.