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Thursday (Day 19)

Logo - DizzyBird logo with starsHave now totally given up hope of waking up and not being dizzy as everyday I am invariably as dizzy as the day before. Decided this is probably it now, not point posting further daily updates to my Facebook buddies as there is nothing new to say. It’s boring me so lord knows how other people feel. Poor husband. I am working on accepting that this is life for the foreseeable future and concentrating on ways to try and live with it and be as normal as possible. I started back on Prozac today because I feel so totally depressed.  I’m going to be a dizzy bird for a while yet.

Friday (Day 20)

It’s my husband’s 50th birthday today and because I’m off sick I have no money for a gift. This makes me feel like crap. His friend is visiting today and we are having a nice birthday meal which is great and I hope I’ll get to enjoy it because the nausea is a lot worse today.

I’ve managed to walk the dog on my own and I went a bit further today. I have also hoovered and mopped some floors (much needed) within a normal amount of time and although it did leave me feeling rather sick a cup of peppermint and nettle tea soon sorted that out.

I feel I am learning to cope a little better with things but I still feel extremely down and wondering if this will actually ever end.

I believe I now have what is called ‘residual dizziness’ which apparently ‘goes away in its own time’.

Saturday (Day 21)

Had a really nice evening yesterday, nice to socialise and feel a bit more like a normal human being. I did find it all rather mentally tiring though and had to take a brief time out during the meal.

Experiencing a strange change in the dizziness today: When I look across the room the room is still but I feel like I am slightly moving. Also when I move my head sometimes the objects in the room appear to have a 1 second catch up time. Very odd. I have had more nausea today and a headache. The world still feels much the same when I am walking although outside the movement of distant objects was less. It is hard to tell if overall things are getting better. It is such a long slow process. Many people I have spoken to have said they were practically back to normal by the end of week three. This is disheartening as I go into week 4.