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Last Blog for a while.


My original diagnosis was BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) but because the vertigo is not actually influenced by position and because it has gone on so long this was changed to viral labyrinthitis. Then I had symptoms of a bacterial infection so I had antibiotics for that which seem to have worked in that I now have no ear pain or swelling.

This is day 24 (Tuesday) and today I woke up today feeling worse than I have done for a while – back to feeling perpetually drunk. Headache. Walking around is more difficult and I was unable to go out today. I just didn’t feel confident enough to do so. Maybe going to the shop yesterday is classed as ‘over doing it’ however I slept for 4 hours yesterday afternoon so it can’t be a case of not resting enough. Yet I am just so tired today.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could focus on doing something for more than half an hour at a time. I have lots of things I could be getting on with but no ability to do so. The fact that you look normal and that although you feel like you are lurching around this is not always apparent to others just makes this worse. Always at the back of your mind thinking that people think you are exaggerating or malingering in some way. Maybe this is partly all the media hype about people faking being sick, or just anxiety. Who knows?

Because  I felt worse than I have been feeling I arranged for the Dr to call and he rang this afternoon – confirmed that yes, it is Labyrinthitis because if I’d had BPPV I’d be feeling normal by now. Been advised to rest, but also to do normal household tasks, and continue to walk around the house and take short walks in the local area to help my brain compensate for the damage to my inner ear.

I was due to go back to work tomorrow but this is now not happening and I have been signed off sick for 2 weeks with the proviso that if I do feel better after the first week I can ignore the sick note and go back to work. If is not ‘significantly better and still improving’ by then I have to go to see an ENT specialist. If it gets worse I have to phone again (that was comforting!) I shall also be booked in for some physio for vestibular retraining therapy (sounds lovely) but that won’t be until January.

I cannot begin to express how hacked off I am with this whole thing at this stage.

I shall not be blogging regularly any more as there really is nothing new to report, but will be back when there is!