Sunday (Day 22)

comp_dizzyThe start of week 4…and I woke up this morning still dizzy but it seems to be more like it is later in the day ie, slightly better this morning. If it follows its normal course it should improve over the course of the day so it will be interesting to see how I am at bed time this evening. Normally I can do very little in the mornings at all, but today I have managed to cook breakfast for 3 people. Sounds like nothing to most but to me this represents a leap forward!

I had a bit of a spin out around midday accompanied by the usual nausea experienced when I move about too much – probably because I was trying to do far too much. It did pass fairly quickly once I sat down. Note to self: do not rush around at top speed and try to ignore this!

Another plus is that the swelling on the outside of my ear seems to have gone down a lot and I have no pain in my ear for the first time on waking. I can still hear a very slight tinnitus on occasions but nothing like it has been before.

Monday (Day 23)

Final day of antibiotics today. I still have slight ear pain occasionally but all the swelling has gone, and the tinnitus is either absent or minimal. I actually felt normal when I woke up ie, I could not tell if I still had the dizziness until I actually sat up. I do though….and whilst I would say it is closer to light-headedness now, the floor/room still moves like I am on a boat as I walk around.

I managed to drop a parcel off at a courier drop off – 15 minute walk took 1 hour but I did it!! Took my stick for physical support and the dog for moral support as I was feeling very anxious about going out today. I am proud but very tired now. The nausea always comes back too if I move around too much. Had a couple of friends and my husband who offered to do it for me, but I really feel I need to do these things myself as doing normal tasks is said to speed recovery because it helps the brain compensate for the damage to the inner ear. And also to be honest I don’t like to constantly rely on others. I am aware that I actually look normal to everyone else, and that the longer it goes on the more tedious requests for help will become. This simple task led to me sleeping for four hours!

Each time I do anything I just feel so very tired, and I know this is the energy that is constantly being expended by my brain trying to match up all the conflicting signals. The only option I have for this is rest, rest, and more rest. I have been sleeping in every day – I just cannot physically seem to prise myself off the bed – and yet I still end up nodding off on the sofa at around 4pm. I am hoping I am going to be fit to go to work in 2 days time. I have been told I can return and just do my short shifts for now. All I can do is see how it goes.