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Wednesday Day 25

Migraine, nausea, and still dizzy!

Thursday Day 26

Residual migraine remains, I still feel nauseous. Walking is easier in the house but the whole world wobbles alarmingly when I stop! Outside I feel pretty much the same although I am able to walk a little faster before the nausea starts to kick in.

I managed to get a physio appointment for this Monday. Gobsmacked because when I first rang the earliest was 6 January. I am not sure if I am pleased about this or petrified. Apparently it will probably make me more dizzy for a time. However, I am so desperate to get over this I guess the earlier I start the rehab the better it’ll be.

Friday Day 27

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and most of it seems to suggest that the more you carry on doing your daily activities “as if you are not dizzy” the quicker compensation occurs within the brain for the damage caused to the inner ear. So today I’ve tried to put this into effect.

I have noticed that when I first go outside the disorientating feeling that the floor is moving is a lot more exaggerated but that the longer I am outside the easier it gets. For instance I can look at things now in the distance and they are stationary whereas before they moved around much more than things close by. Focusing a short distance ahead is helpful, and this has now extended from 4-6 ft in front to around 8-12 ft in front. I can also stop and look down the road and the road is static, although it moves again if I do. I still had to sit down for a while when I got in but I was a lot less nauseous today than I have been previously.

If anything I am a little worse today in that I still feel movement even when I am stationery and I have not had that for a while. Moving around is much the same and I have managed a few tasks in the house today, and then rested afterwards until I felt more back to what is now considered normal. I am determined to get over this.

One piece of good news is the fact that no having had any wine for almost a month means I have lost half a stone in weight. I guess every cloud has a silver lining!

Trying to start getting things up together for the xmas break – things like decorating trees just seems like a huge hassle right now, but I don’t want to totally miss christmas because of this stupid labyrinthitis. I am also trying to keep things as normal as possible for everyone else.

Saturday Day 28

Slightly more dizzy this morning if anything this morning but decided to ignore it and carry on as normal. Had relatives visit today – staying the weekend – and was a bit anxious as to whether or not I would be able to cope with this as finding a lot of extra stimuli often exacerbates the dizziness. Actually it was OK, and had an enjoyable evening. Mixing socially took my mind off the dizziness meaning that I really didn’t notice it at all until I got up to move around and then it seemed to be less. Not sure if that is distraction or if it is improving in general.

Sunday Day 29

Exactly 4 completed weeks since I came down with this horrendous illness. Today I feel lightheaded rather than dizzy although sharp movements still cause spins. I’ve carried on as before – moving around as if I am not dizzy and coping with any symptoms. The knock on effect of this is that people think I am a lot better than I actually am. Sods law I guess! I have my first physio appointment tomorrow and I am really worried it is going to make me worse again. Not sure what to do. I guess just go along and see what happens. I just want to feel normal again! As long as it is only feeling awful whilst doing the physio and not for days following I’m up for it!