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From the DDA Watch “I am the Majority” campaign page:

Have you got a Bull Breed and live in the UK? We are launching the “I am the MAJORITY” Campaign(With kind permission of Animal Farm Foundation Inc) As scientific study and research continues to prove that “bull breed” dogs are just like any other dog, we’re now facing a different, equally challenging, hurdle: proving that “bull breed” dog owners are just like any other dog owner.Why is it so important that we make this point? Because the false belief that only criminals and irresponsible people want “bull breed” dogs leads to restricted adoption policies, breed specific legislation, and other discriminatory policies.

From our government and rescue shelter policy makers to the media and strangers in the supermarket, the stereotype is that “good” people don’t live with “bull breed” dogs.We know this isn’t true.In fact, we know that dogs labelled “devil dogs” are one of the most popular breeds in this country, overwhelmingly owned by normal, everyday families who have value in their community.And we no longer want to be discriminated against because of the actions of a small minority of dog owners.

Now we need your help to show the UK that “bull breed” dog owners are everyday people and we are the majority. Help us spread the message that responsible, loving “bull breed” dog families are the rule, not the exception.

DDAWatch is “a new initiative from the Pet Owners Parliament set up to help monitor “dangerous dog” legislation, to educate and assist those affected by it, while campaigning to find fair, workable solutions that can better protect the public without compromising the lives and welfare of countless dogs who have never acted dangerously.”

To become part of this campaign or to find out more information about DDA Watch  just click here to be taken to the DDA Watch Facebook Page.

Now carry on and watch these 2 lovely videos showing Bull Breed owners and supporters from across the UK: